XXP, making XCRI work.

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Overview of XXP's services

In addition to acting as a central data hub for supporting the exchange of XCRI files, XXP also offers 'value add' services based on XCRI-CAP data. These offer functionality such as 'course search' and can easily be integrated into your existing website.

All XXP services are fully hosted and easily accessible via the web. This means there is minimal cost involved in using XXP services, and in many cases often cost savings on existing expenditure.

Please see the Introduction to XXP for a diagram showing XXP's overall approach to services. Please see below for some of XXP's specific services.

XXP serviceDescription
XCRI directoryA directory of XCRI-CAP feeds. The directory includes feeds provided both by XXP and independent providers. It includes details of the XCRI version, the transport mechanism used to access the feeds and a link to the feed's home page (if one exists).

Anyone who provides course data in the XCRI-CAP format can add their feeds to the directory. To do so, please register as a provider and add the details of your feed.
getXCRIan online service to allow interested third parties to retrieve your course data. The service can (optionally) be parameter driven to allow filtered sets of courses to be retrieved.
webFormallows you to use XXP to easily store and maintain your course data through a secure, customised website. A workflow/approval process allows you to easily select which courses are published in your XCRI-CAP feed.
courseSearchallows people to search your XCRI-CAP data using an intuitive word search web page. The proprietary, thesaurus based search engine retrieves not only matching courses but also suggests related courses too. The search page can also be easily integrated into your own website.
courseProvidersinclude details of your XCRI-CAP feed in the Course Providers register, the most comprehensive register of XCRI-CAP providers and feeds.
coursePromotepush details of your course information to a range of third party data collection organisations and course search websites regularly and simultaneously (for example UCAS and Hotcourses).
data2XCRIuse XXP to read and convert course data (eg. CSV files, XML files, web service calls) into XCRI-CAP compliant XML. Can be used in conjunction with getXCRI to provide a full XCRI-CAP solution.
upgradeXCRIupload an XCRI file in XCRI-CAP version 1.1 and output it in XCRI-CAP version 1.2