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XCRI-CAP test feed


This service provides fully functional, free to use XCRI-CAP test feeds. The feeds can be used to get XCRI data using a variety of different mechanisms and versions (see below for details). The data is consistent across the feed mechanisms and XCRI-CAP versions to assist with comparison and testing (subject to mandatory differences in the XCRI specifications)

The feeds usually contain a small number of courses to make them easy/quick to call. We MAY be able to make changes to the test data/content of the feed on request.

New feed mechanisms/versions will be added in time as new XXP services become available.

Please contact us if you would like to request changes to the course data or a new feed mechanism.

Test services available

Type XCRI ver Link Service XXPN Code
SOAP 1.21.2WSDLgetCourses12X001008-a