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An XCRI Web Service for Lincolnshire's Teenage Services 14-19

Lincolnshire Childrens Services


This page provides information about the getLincsCourses web service. It is intended to give a brief overview of the service including the functionality it provides and how it can be used.


The web service provides course advertising data in XCRI-CAP 1.1 format for colleges and schools in Lincolnshire's Teenage Services 14-19 info service. The anticipated consumers of this service are other 14-19 Area Prospectus services and Common Application Process suppliers, plus other regional course marketing services.

The service call accepts a single parameter specifying the UK Provider Registration Number (UKPRN) of the college or school. The getLincsCourses service currently supports the following colleges and universities:

UKPRN CodeCollege or School
10011155Birkbeck School and Community Arts College
10000812Boston College
10000818Bourne Grammar School
10000856Branston Community College
10001087Caistor Grammar School
10001688Cordeaux School
10001878De Aston School
10001902Deepings School
10013322George Farmer Technology and Language College
10002669Giles School
10002743Grantham College
10003580Kesteven and Grantham Girls School
10003628King Edward VI Grammar School
10014049King Edward VI Humanities College (Spilsby)
10003648Kings School (Grantham)
10003926Lincoln Christs Hospital School
10004418Monks Dyke Technology College
10003928Newark College
10014004North Hykeham Joint Sixth Form
10024304Priory Academy LSST
10024303Priory City of Lincoln Academy
10007988Queen Elizabeths Grammar School Alford
10005330Queen Elizabeths Grammar School Horncastle
10005331Queen Elizabeths High School
10005501Robert Manning College
10005884Skegness Grammar School
10006048Spalding Grammar School
10006049Spalding High School
10006248St Peter and St Paul Catholic High School
10017033Tennyson High School
10013314Walton Girls High School
10022722Wolds College
10013296Yarborough School

A Web Service Definition Language (WSDL) definition can be obtained here.

The service is maintained and hosted on the XCRI eXchange Platform (XXP) on behalf of Lincolnshire Children's Service.

Further information can be found by contacting:

Service Owner
Sandy Hoole
Project Manager CAP/Prospectus
01522 555517 / 07920 213708

Data & XCRI
Alan Paull
01453 835009

Technical & XCRI
Anthony Au
InGenius Solutions Ltd
0117 230 9938

An example of how to call the service can be found here.