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About us

XXP has been developed and provided through a partnership between APS and InGenius Solutions.


APS Ltd is an information management company specialising in the higher and further education sectors of the United Kingdom. Our skills lie in information standards development, requirements gathering and process improvement. Operating since 1998, we have an extensive portfolio of clients and services.

InGenius Solutions Ltd

InGenius Solutions develop internet enabled solutions. We use agile methods and a close partnership approach to quickly understand your requirements and cost effectively develop them into working solutions. We have a wide range of experience in all stages of IT development from initial requirements capture, prototyping and proof of concept, though full development to the provision of a fully hosted service. We operate primarily in the Finance and Education sectors.

What else can we offer?

Collectively, we also partner with learning providers to offer a range of consultancy and development services. We work with universities, colleges, schools and training organisations to help them save money by supplying their courses information quickly and cheaply in a standard way. Doing this enables them to carry out existing processes more cost effectively and to take advantage of new opportunities in the future.

  • We offer XCRI services 'out of the box'...
    helping learning providers save money by supplying their course information quickly and cheaply in the XCRI standard.

  • We partner with organisations at any/all stages of XCRI development...
    from information and process reviews, prototyping and proof of concept through to development and the provision of a fully hosted service.

  • We offer rapid prototyping...
    to support teams (both IT and non-IT based) to quickly and efficiently develop ideas into working solutions.

  • We are committed to helping you share your data...
    for the benefit of learners, employers, HEIs, FECs and all the other individuals and organisations that use course advertising information.

  • We are an experienced partner organisation with universities and colleges on JISC funded projects.