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XXP for the XCRI initiative

One of the challenges the XCRI initiative faces is getting the standard into widespread use. There is fairly unanimous agreement that the principle behind XCRI is a valid and beneficial one. However, like any standard for exchanging information, the benefits are only fully realised when organisations adopt the standard and information is widely available and accepted in that format.

Currently XCRI is in something of a chicken and egg situation. Most third party organisations and software suppliers won't support XCRI until there is enough demand from learning providers to justify them implementing it in their products. However most learning providers can't use XCRI until it's implemented in the third party products they use.

What's needed is an easy and cost effective way for learning providers to produce XCRI-CAP files until such time as their main course admin systems are XCRI-CAP compliant. This is what XXP can provide.

XXP is looking to...

  • Help learning providers adopt XCRI-CAP
    by providing an immediate tactical solution to XCRI-CAP compliance, with a road-map to full XCRI-CAP compliance in the future
    ...which helps to build the 'critical mass' of XCRI-CAP data needed for wide spread adoption of the standard

  • Support 3rd party suppliers in adopting XCRI-CAP
    by providing a single and consistent source of XCRI-CAP feeds
    ...which helps build a business case for XCRI-CAP support in 3rd party products

  • Demonstrate cost effective, real world services that utilise XCRI-CAP
    to show the value in using XCRI above and beyond the simple exchange of course data

  • Help provide visibility of the usage and availability of XCRI-CAP
    by providing a comprehensive and publicly available register of XCRI-CAP feeds.