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XXP for learning providers

XXP offers a range of services, so that learning providers, universities, colleges, schools and training organisations can save money by supplying their courses information quickly and cheaply in a standard way. Doing this enables learning providers to carry out existing processes more cost effectively and to take advantage of new opportunities in the future.

We offer learning providers a low cost and low effort solution to the problem of providing their course advertising information to third parties. The XXP Platform is an existing repository of XCRI-CAP data, upon which we are building services to supply courses information to data collecting organisations, and additional useful services.

We want to stress from the outset that we're not seeking to replicate what learning providers or data collecting organisations already do, or to burden them with an extra data supply task, or to take ownership of any version of courses information, or to sell on the data to other parties. On the contrary, as an agent acting on behalf of the university or college, we expect to make it much easier for everyone to supply their course advertising information to third party data collectors, and to provide them with additional useful services at a significant saving on current expenditure.

XXP can help you...

  • Save time and money by reducing effort spent re-keying existing data (eg. UCAS, Hotcourses)

  • Convert information from proprietary and non-standard formats to the XCRI-CAP open standard

  • Achieve XCRI-CAP compliance without the need to commit extensive local resource

  • Reduce cost, risk and 'time to market' by using an existing and proven solution

  • Publish changes to course data quickly, easily and consistently to all 3rd parties

  • Reach a wider audience, we can automatically submit course information to a range of course search websites and 3rd party aggregators

  • Save on set up and running costs, XXP is a fully hosted service